Font and Poster Design


“Chudo” is a font heavily influenced by the big, bold, and blocky design language of the 1960’s and 1970’s. 




Font Inspiration


 By designing my font with rounded corners and elongated accents, my goal is to pay homage to iconic fonts of the time period such as "Marvin" and "Sintex".


"Marvin" designed by Michael Chave in 1969

"Sintex" designed by Aldo Novarese in 1970


Font Design




Poster Inspiration


“Chudo” (a transliteration of the Russian word “чудо,” meaning “miracle”) is named after a 1973 Soviet animated short of the same name. Directed by Anatoli Petrov, the story follows two children who are running through a futuristic city to see the last living miracle—a single leaf growing through a crack in the pavement. The poster design aims to capture the feeling of the movie and time period by implementing a earthy color palette, grainy texture, and specific visual elements which appear in the film.




Poster Design



Using Format