A little about me

My education and work experience in the field of industrial design have provided me with a strong foundation for UI/UX design. Through online courses, reading blogs, and reaching out to individuals at the top of the UI/UX field, I applied the concepts I learned to the projects I developed in my spare time.



Always be a student

In order to grow, we must be willing to learn. By putting the ego aside, we open ourselves up to new ideas, insights, and techniques that will serve us both within our design practice and outside of it. 

Proceed with passion

The best designs come from those who create passionately. By acknowledging the full scope of a problem, we are more able to spark a light within and design to the best of our abilities.

Play creatively

Without play, a creative flow can become quickly stale. Inspiration comes when I'm in a joyful, excited space which can be most easily accessed when I'm not putting such a heavy weight on every decision. 

Empathize with everyone

The ability to deeply empathize with people takes a keen ear. Practicing empathy everyday helps me better understand my role as a designer and as an individual.



Freelance UI/UX Designer

Aug, 2021 - Present

Industrial Designer

Nexus Design, LLC
Oxford, CT
Aug, 2021 - Aug, 2023

Resident Potter / Ceramics Instructor

Guilford Art Center
Guilford, CT
Aug, 2021 - Nov, 2023




Pratt Institute

Brooklyn, NY


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