Personal Logo


Understanding that this logo design would be representing my brand and identity, it was important for me to showcase various aspects of my design style within the logo. By creating mood boards to help visualize key aspects of my design language, I was able to have a core set of guidelines to aid me in my design process. 










Mood Boards

The initial steps taken in designing this logo included creating these three mood boards. By laying out designs and styles that speak to me and my body of work, I was able to better understand what I wanted my logo to look like, and how I wanted to represent myself. The mid-century Knoll furniture, endearing illustrations, and hand-built ceramics that I included in my mood boards guided my use of heavy texture, playful colors, and organic lines throughout my design process.








Knowing that I wanted to have my initials as the key component of my logo, I began to explore various fonts by playing around with their outlines in order to find the right shape and gesture for my design. 



Simplified Form

After playing with various fonts to find a gesture for my initials, I decided to simplify the design down to one continuous line in order to display the letters. The addition of the circle was used to distinguish the letters from one another, but ultimately did not give the cohesive and flowing form I had originally wanted. 






Project Goal

The final logo implements texture, organic lines, and simplicity, all of which I hope showcase the various unique aspects of my design style.


Using Format